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This is Normcore: A guide to Normcore and the joys of stylized blandness

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What's your favorite typeface? The default one in Word? That's Normcore. Where d'you get that shirt? Gap? That's hardcore Normcore. Last gig you saw? Coldplay? Damn, you are the embodiment of Normcore... are you an accountant? In the past, if your stand-out feature was the ability to blend in, you would be considered by hipsters and fashionistas to be criminally uncool. However, hipsters have once again turned convention on its head, embraced the mundane and christened it Normcore. So where previously you were sneered at for your slacks and baggy sweaters, you're now exalted as a shining light of the non-descript. If all this ordinariness feels a little confusing and overwhelming, don't panic because help is at hand. "This is Normcore" offers advice for aspiring Norms, explaining how to be normal and the icons and idols of an average Normcore aficionado. Soon you'll be joining the rest of the Norms in rocking a sweater vest with aplomb, reading Dan Brown novels and pumping out the latest Michael Bubl

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Author Jo Hoare
Binding Hardcover
Condition New
Pages 189
ISBN-13 9781909313590
Publisher Dog n Bone


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