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The Real World of Sherlock

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Ever wondered where Conan Doyle got his inspiration for the literary sleuth? Was there a realStudy in Scarlet in Victorian London? What baffled Victorian police detectives?In The Real World of Sherlock, B. J. Rahn explores the world that Sherlock emerged from and the inspirations behind the character himself. Holmes is a man known for his eccentricities his reclusiveness and the aura of genius have become trademarks today, and are recognisable in any Holmes adaptation. This book reveals the men who inspired that iconic persona. Among them are Dr Joseph Bell, Conan Doyles role model and an investigator of disease and crime, and the writer Edgar Allan Poe, who invented the detective story as we recognise it today.Rahn also takes a fascinating look at crime and detection in nineteenth-century London. She explores how the work of police detectives and CSI evolved in this era, from footprint analysis and human blood testing to fingerprinting and crime-scene photography. But did Sherlock make use of these emerging techniques in his investigations?This is the perfect book for any Sherlock fan who wants to find out about the background to the character and the fast-evolving world of detection from which the stories emerged. Youll be astonished at just how real Sherlock was.REVIEWS B.J. Rahn is an academic who teaches English literature at Hunter College in New York, but is well known in the crime fiction fraternity as one of the liveliest and most perceptive commentators on the field. Her qualities as a writer are what effortlessly raise The Real World of Sherlock above the daunting army of volumes of Holmesiana. Her subjects here (lovingly expatiated) are the antecedents of the Great Detective, tackling such issues as from where Conan Doyle drew his inspiration for Holmes, and a concomitant examination of the mysteries which exercised the skills of real Victorian detectives. But while the picture of crime in 19th-century London is as fascinatingly detailed one might wish, it is the combination of Doyle's audacious literary filigrees with real-life detection techniques that really exercise Rahn, and she makes the unorthodox case that the often unlikely elements of the story sometimes possess a real veracity. Any crime fiction reader with an interest in the violin-playing resident of 221b Baker Street needs to acquire this study; be assured: it's quite unlike any other book about Sherlock Holmes that you have ever read.Crime Time (UK) The familiar material is given a fresh slant, agreeably written, and full of surprising facts, observations, and insights.' ... 'Add this engaging volume to the permanent Holmesian shelf.'

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Author B. J. Rahn
Binding Paperback
Condition New
Pages 264
ISBN-13 9781445650555
Publisher Amberley


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