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Raffles (Crime Classics)

Raffles (Crime Classics)

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Criminal mastermind, man-about-town, master of disguise and a damn fine gentleman cricketer: Arthur J. Raffles is the classic lovable rogue. In this, the first of the Raffles books, we follow him and his sidekick Harry 'Bunny' Masters as they attempt a series of thefts: but will they get away with it? Gentleman thief Raffles is daring, debonair, devilishly handsome - and a first-rate cricketer. In these stories Raffles, the public-school cad and master burglar, mixes his aptitude for cricket with his passion for crime: stealing jewels from a country house, outwitting the law, pilfering from the nouveau riche and, of course, bowling like a demon - all with the assistance of his plucky sidekick and former fag, Bunny. E. W. Hornung created a unique form of crime story in which - in stealing as in sport - it is playing the game that counts, and there is always honor among thieves.

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