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Georg Baselitz: The Bridge Ghost's Supper

Georg Baselitz: The Bridge Ghost's Supper

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This title is published to accompany the exhibition of the same name at Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin, February - March 2007, which centred on the new, large work Nachtessen in Dresden (Remix). It is a remix of Baselitz's famous work of the same title from 1983. 38 ink drawings that vary the motif of the painting in portraits and detailed views complement the show. In the new version of the painting, three male figures in dark suits with four charismatic heads shine before a black background. The scene is - as has been typical for Baselitz since 1969 - upside down. The four people are portraits of icons of (German) expressionism: in the middle the ageing Edvard Munch, framed by the three Brucke artists Kirchner, Schmidt-Rotluff, and Heckel. They are the same protagonists Baselitz had shown in the original Nachtessen in Dresden of 1983.

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