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Architectural Details: Balconies
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Architectural Details: Balconies

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The balcony is an architectural detail of a special kind. When a passer-by looks up from the the street the balcony catches the eye, glinting coquettishly in the sun. However, looking down from the balcony itself it provides a refuge, shielding the observer from the chaos of city life whilst simultaneously presenting an urban panorama. Thus, balconies are elegant and elementary, a simple coming together of relaxation and urban candour. Captivating detailed photographs portray a wide spectrum of forms and styles on a journey through Europes most fascinating cities. Balconies documents the entire scope of balcony construction from ancient to brand new, from frugal to pompously ornate, from functional to playful. The volume is part of a series, which is focused not on prominent buildings at large but on ingenious and extraordinary details.

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