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Hit the Beaches - Gung-Ho, U.S. Marine Corps in the Pacific

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The US Marine Corps has had a long and proud history as part of the US armed forces, and the Pacific Campaign of 1941 to 1945 is perhaps its finest hour. During the course of the war the Marine Corps had expanded from two brigades of about 18,000 Marines to six divisions, five air wings, and various supporting arms to over 485,000 Marines. They were the tip of the American spear during the Pacific campaign conducting amphibious assaults from Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, through the atolls of Marshall Islands, to Islands of the Marianas with the invasions of Saipan, Tinian, and Guam. They prepared the way for the assault on Japanese by taking the Japanese possessions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, facing fierce fanatical resistance from Japanese defenders in some of the most savage fighting of the entire war. This Book contains: * History of the US Marine Corps in the Pacific * History and gaming suggestions for the battle of Saipan * History and gaming suggestions for Operation Iceberg, the Battle for Okinawa. * Amphibious Landing rules and Missions * US Marine Corps special rules. * Options for fielding a Marine Rifle Company with LVT (4) Amtrac amphibious armored personnel carriers, a Marine Tank Company with M4 Sherman tanks, or a Marine Amphibian Tank Company equipped with LVT(A)1 (37mm) or LVT(A)4 (75mm) amphibious tanks. All these can be fielded using either Pacific War or Late War points options. * Supporting platoons and options include war dogs, artillery, rocket launchers, armor, engineers, Naval gunfire, air support and US Army troops. * US Marine Painting Guide * Pacific Terrain Guide * Inspirational color photographs.

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Additional Information

Author N/A
Binding Paperback
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Pages 189
ISBN-13 9780994120632
Publisher Battlefront Miniatures


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