Orpheus Descending

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ISBN: 9781884167591
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Clayton Burkhart adopts the view of an anonymous wanderer in this mythic city and speaks of absence and loss against a backdrop of steel, stone, concrete, and neon. It is a story of love and redemption after the rain falls, when the damp sidewalks take on the saturated colors of the night. 'Down here on empty avenues at 2 am where sleep is impossible and the meter is always running every siren is for you stretching out into blackness of so many lost tomorrows here where all the young lions eat up the sidewalks with fierce devouring strides and the wolves regroup before making their way uptown once again leaping from lane to lane at every outstretched arm yellow fur gleaming trying to fill an insatiable emptiness inside some strange kinship in our parallel solitudes time will not be denied the only solution is to keep moving.
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