Flyer Soziotope: Topography of a Media Phenomenon

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ISBN: 9788496540033
Author: Mike Riemel
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Especially since the beginning of the 1990s, flyers have acted as a key expression of youth culture and a specific movement in music. They then developed further into a major means of communication and advertising. Mike Riemel has been collecting flyers from all over the globe for 25 years. Today, he manages the largest such collection in the world with more than one million flyers from 90 different countries. In 2005, Riemel collaborated with a number of guest authors to create a standard work out of the huge collection. Conceived of more as a catalogue, the book has now become a bible in the field of flyer culture. The books more than 600 pages feature 2,500 images and offer colourful insights into the often crazy and exciting world of flyers. At the same time, it documents the past 25 years of the club and music scene.

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