Dali and Me

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ISBN: 9783858817112
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Salvador Dali's (1904-89) surrealist paintings such as The Persistence of Memory and The Metamorphosis of Narcissus are internationally beloved for their unforgettable images and eccentric metaphors for the human condition. His lesser-known but equally intriguing writings, on the other hand, are remarkably coarse, describing human bodies and evocations of sexuality with a bewildering mixture of crude realism and naïve simplicity. Dali and Me is an account by art historian and controversial author Catherine Millet of a highly personal encounter with the artist's celebrated paintings and self-reflective writings. One of the first studies of the notoriously idiosyncratic artist's essays, this revolutionary book reveals all the narcissism, anxiety, and visual genius of the most famous-and infamous-of the surrealists.

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