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Paul Waldman: Eros, Art and Magic

Paul Waldman: Eros, Art and Magic

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Paul Waldmans career spans more than four decades. In this first monograph on his work, eminent critics and curators discuss the provocative themes that have occupied him from the beginning, art, eros, and magic. His paintings and sculptures, at once knowing and mysterious, are metaphors for his life and his art. Waldman is an artist of sensual forms, lush colors, and vibrant surfaces. His work has evolved from the cool, elegant minimalism of the 1960s and 1970s, in which he combined precise geometric shapes with segmented, sometimes hidden female body parts, to the 1980s, in which he introduced animals and children in fantastical guises. In the 1990s he again concentrated on the figure, and since 1998, when he began the first of yearly trips to India, his work has embraced elements from both Eastern and Western culture

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